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BeijingGuodian Sida Technology Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) has been founded in August2011 as the wholly-owned subsidiary of United Power Technology Company originated from the “Guodian Wind Power Equipment Debugging Institutions”, providing wind turbine enterprises with overall solutions in fields of EPCM of the wind power plant projects, integrated service for running and inspection of the wind power plants, technology upgrading of wind turbines, large-parts maintenance for wind turbines, spare parts supply in the wind power plants, technology consultation and training on the running maintenance of wind power plants.

Adhering to the service target of “zero incidents in site, zero distance in service, zero complaints from customers”, the Company has built a service team with “high technological level and special ability to endure hardship and be good at fighting hard battles” for the wind turbine generating sets of 1.5WM, 2WM, 3WM and 6WM with its Iron Army Spirit gained in the field of wind turbine service for many years. It has perfect management system of the assembly & debugging and running maintenance service for wind turbine equipment, taking over 4000 wind turbines for running maintenance and nearly 1000 professionals in maintenance service. With the average utilization rate of wind turbine generating sets reaching above 98%, the Company has been well received by wind turbine enterprises.
I. The Regional Management Center Covers All Wind Plants of the Country
The Company owns 8 management centers in Baoding, Lianyungang, Chifeng, Changchun, Baotou, Urumqi, Xi’an and Kunming, covering all wind plants of the country. With management team and technology team, the center could provide support in personnel and technology quickly. Meanwhile, through uniting with the complete appliance manufacturing base of the United Power, all centers are equipped with provincial central storerooms for spare parts and each central storeroom has 3 to 5 secondary regional storerooms under its jurisdiction (95% of wind power sites shall be covered within 200 miles of the secondary storerooms) and the secondary regional storeroom can form the tertiary spare parts supply system with all the site storerooms. In addition, the spare parts for sites could be supplied to the business owners much more quickly and promptly through the ERP Management Platform, thus greatly reducing the loss of high energy production caused by waiting for spare parts so as to ensure the utilization rate of wind turbines.
II. Specialized Service 
1. Assembly and debugging of wind turbine generating sets The service team of the Company has rich experience in the assembly and debugging of wind turbine generating sets and designated site managers will be responsible for the whole procedures together with professionals including lifting mentors, electric fitting supervisors, debugging directors and engineers. The debugging time for the wind plants of 50,000KW is less than 1 month and the first-time passing rate for the trial operation of Interconnection Wind Turbines 240 is above 98.7%. The on-time completion rate of projects is 100%.
2. Operation and maintenance of wind power plants 
Based on the specific conditions of wind plants, the Company allocates staff members, equipment, and vehicles, constructing specialized running service team to formulate operational schemes and protection plan for wind plants by combining the actual condition, and carrying out ordinary and regular inspection and maintenance on the wind turbines. In addition, intensive cooperation will be conducted between the Company and business owners to jointly guarantee the running safety and stability of wind power plants. Through all these measures above, the average utilization rate of operational wind turbines for business owners can reach over 98%.
3. Technological reconstruction and upgrading of wind power plants and wind turbines 
By grasping the cutting edge of the operational and maintenance technology of the wind power plants and combining the years of experience in operation and maintenance as well as the R&D strength of United Power, the Company provides business owners with service in wind turbine reconstruction and technology upgrading, thus reducing the cost for power generation and improving the generation capacity as well as the efficiency of the wind power plants. At present, the customized products included in the technology upgrading projects are: monitoring system for box-type transformer stations, anti-theft system at the bottom of towers, video & audio monitoring system, vibration monitoring, automatic fire protection system, centralized controlling platform for substations, GPRS alarm moulds, AGC, AVC, communication manager(OPC, ModBus, E-format), predication system for wind power (without wind towers), wind towers, remote monitoring system and verification system of power curve. Most of these products have realized mass sales and production under stable operation.
4. Sales of spare parts and components
The Company has taken improved PMS Project Management Information System and ERP Management Platform and implemented the regional management modes, covering all provinces municipalities and automatic regions. The perfect three-level logistics system for spare parts constructed by the regional central storeroom, district storeroom and site storeroom has provide customers with reliable supports in spare parts and supply insurance, making it possible for the realization of “zero distance in service”. 
5. Maintenance for large parts  
The Company has already formed a mature emergency response mechanism for the large-parts maintenance and can make rapid response to the business owners on their problem of large parts by relying on the United Power’s manufacturing bases of key parts such as gearboxes, blades, generators. The service center can contact the site in the first place after problems occurred and make response immediately, arranging professionals and equipment to the site for ensuring 97% of the large-parts faults of the wind turbines could be solves within 7 days. The perfect service system, specialized service team, adequate spare parts and components as well as the strong technology can effectively lower the suspending time of the wind turbines and guarantee the stable running of the wind turbines, minimizing the loss for wind turbine enterprises. 
6. Operational consultation and training business of wind power plants
The technology and skill is the prerequisite for ensuring the wind turbines to be under the best operational state. With the rich experience and strong technology, the Company supply relevant business training on wind turbine generating sets for customers to improve their professional skills. The major categories of the training are: safety production, equipment, technology, etc. At preset much training has already been organized and well received by customers.
7. Overall contracting of the wind power plants project construction (EPCM) The Company provides customers with the service of overall contracting of the wind power plants project construction (EPCM), including the organization and management of investigation and design after the feasibility phase of wind power plants; organization and management of the procurement, transportation and storage of equipment and materials; organization and management of project construction (construction and assembly of booster stations). 
8. Overall solutions for wind power service
The Company also provides a series of solutions including low voltage ride, integrated monitoring platform of wind power plants, plant-friendly interconnection platforms and cluster monitoring systems for wind power plants, to meet the special requirements of customers on the operation of wind power plants. The current PMS system and ERP platform have been used to help customers to formulate overall solutions of wind power service to improve their efficiency and benefits.
III. Looking into the Future
With the enterprise philosophy of “never forget competition, details is everything” as the guideline, Sida Company will always keep the work style of “safety, efficiency, integrity and accuracy”, pursuing excellent performance and surpassing the customer’s expectations with the “clients’ interest goes first” as its principle, sparing no efforts to build a leading enterprise in the industry of wind power service. 

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